Your family  

The most important thing in your life.  It's all those little moments with them that you treasure most.  So we like to take a fun and relaxed approach to capturing your memories so they look natural and express who you are.     



Do you travel?

 Yes!  We love exploring new locations to take photos.  If you want your pictures in the area you live or have a favorite spot, we can come to you.  However, if you are out of our area there will be an additional charge for mileage.



How long does it take to get our photos back?

 I usually try to have family sessions finished within 3 weeks.  I like to make sure your photos look absolutely perfect for you and this takes a little extra time.  




Can we bring multiple outfits?

You sure can.  If you’d like to do a couple different color schemes or do one with a sports theme we can do that.  Just let me know so we can plan your time accordingly.  


Speaking of outfits, how should we dress?

This is entirely up to you as these are your photos, that being said I have some tips for those of you who aren’t quite sure what you want to wear.


  • Look at your home decor.  These photos will most likely be hanging in your house so you’ll probably want something that will look good with your color scheme.

  • Limit your patterns!  It’s fun to have a mix of colors and a few patterns but having to many might clutter up the final image.  Also, unless you’re doing a husker theme or something similar you’ll want to avoid large logos or lettering.  Words are one of the first things our eyes are drawn to in pictures so they are a bit distracting.  

  • Be comfortable!  These are photos of you and we want you looking natural so we can capture who you are as a family.  If you aren’t comfortable in your clothes you might be able to tell in the photos.

  • Color schemes.  Unless you’re going for a  certain look it isn’t necessary to have everyone wearing matching shirts or the exact same shade of blue.  Just make sure to wear colors that compliment each other.  Multiple colors and even layers will add depth to your photos.

  • If you are still unsure about what you’d like to wear try a google search for “coordinating outfits for family photos” and check out what others have done.